Relevo AB

In a world where plenty of companies and people talk about IT, it is a nice relief to have a partner who is used to actually creating and managing leading IT solutions.

Almost every day we come across examples where a client has been told by one of our competitors how much money there is to save with the right IT solution. The question is how much faith they can put in what these companies are saying, when their own internal systems have little or outdated infrastructure and security?

At Relevo we build state-of-the-art solutions – not only for our often renowned customers – but also for ourselves. If we are not testing and using the latest technology and the best solutions, how can we credibly recommend, demonstrate and show it in practice to our clients?

Our demo room Cubicle, our certificate based security solutions with two-factor authentication and this web site—are all examples of things we have designed and built ourselves.

This is our way of doing things, because we believe that having faith in our own solutions is the basis for taking responsibility for our clients' environments, and continuously exceeding their high expectations. It is also the foundation on which we manage to stay up to date with technology developments, and the basis for our understanding of the needs and considerations of our clients.

We build our long term customer relationships on the following corner-stones:

On our web site you can read more about us, and some of the applications we have developed and the assignments we have completed. You can also find more information about products and solutions that are still in progress.

Please feel free to contact us and set up a meeting with one of our experts. We look forward to telling you more about our consulting services and creative solutions, and we would love the opportunity to share some of our creative joy.