Monday, 11th of October 2021

New star to the team

Anders has worked in the IT industry since the late 90s and has a really heavy portfolio with long and deep knowledge and experience in, among other things, virtualization and IT security.
Anders is a committed and curious person who with his solid knowledge and calm personality creates a sense of security beyond the ordinary.
Of course, welcoming technology star Anders to the Relevo team is something that feels fantastic!

A warm welcome to Relevo Anders!

Wednesday, 1st of September 2021


Today we finally have the pleasure of welcoming another IT star to the Relevo team. Dennis is, by many, a really appreciated consultant where his social skills in combination with his deep technical knowledge create a wonderful dynamic and awesome deliveries in the assignments he participates. Dennis has his area of ​​expertise in Azure and Microsoft 365, where he also holds several certifications.

A warm welcome to Relevo Dennis Karlsson!

Thursday, 26th of August 2021

Another great announcement

It's getting closer! Pär Hultman, who is an extremely experienced technician, architect and consultant and who is a familiar face to many in the industry, has chosen to join the Relevo team. Pär has a fantastic and wonderful personality and a solid experience of working in large international on-prem and cloud environments where he is an expert in areas within IT infrastructure, IT security and DevOps.

We are of course very happy to present Pär as... Read More »

Monday, 16th of August 2021

Really good start to the autumn

We can proudly and happily say that Mikael Andersson has chosen to join the Relevo team. To be able to start the autumn with such a message is fantastic. With his +20 years in IT in roles as an architect, advisor and technical specialist, Micke is one of the more experienced shooting stars in the industry. He has solid knowledge and experience in the area of ​​IT infrastructure where he has devoted a lot of... Read More »

Tuesday, 8th of June 2021

AAA Credit Rating

After several years of heavy investments, we are really happy to once again be able to stand in the small group of Swedish companies that hold Bisnode AAA ratings in creditworthiness. As an independent company, being able to build and demonstrate financial stability in this way is something we are of course proud of. It's a really exciting new chapter that Relevo has started and this rating also gives a small indication of where we... Read More »

Monday, 7th of June 2021


We are happy to announce that another well-known international player joins Relevo as a partner. We look forward to a continued good cooperation! You can read more about Arrow ECS under the tab partnership.

Thursday, 1st of April 2021

Our Journey Continues

Today Daniel makes his first working day at Relevo - which we celebrate! He strengthens our senior consulting team with a long-standing background as an architect and from leading roles from the government, among others. Daniel also steps in and assumes the role of responsible for our business area digital workplace.

Incredibly fun and warm welcome Daniel!

Monday, 1st of February 2021

Insight Partner

We are proud to annouce that we continue to expand our network with another strategic partner. We look forward to a continue our collaboration on the journey that has already begun!

Monday, 4th of January 2021

Flying start

We kick off the year by proudly presenting our new IT star Pernilla, who from the turn of the year is part of the Relevo team. Pernilla has a solid background in the operation and management of IT infrastructure as well as integration and development, which means that she has a well-developed DevOps mindset.

As a person, she is very driven and competition-oriented, which has resulted in no less than 3 Swedish Championship gold and 1... Read More »

Friday, 1st of January 2021

Happy New Year!

2020 took a turn that probably no one had expected and the world has had to adapt while waiting for a solution.

In parallel, Relevo's project Tendfor has been separated from our operations and from 2021 will stand on its own two feet for the first time. For Relevo, this means an extremely exciting 2021, as we will now focus and invest all our time and energy on our already rapidly growing consulting business.

During this year... Read More »