Digital Workplace

Business Areas

The digital workplace is something that affects most people. The proportion of employed people in Sweden who regularly use computers as tools in their work is estimated to be around 80% on average, making this area one of the most important in IT.

Relevo's expertise in the field of digital workplace is extensive and we have an experience bank where we have been responsible for the implementation of the digital workplace with up to 100,000 computers in the same project. For many years we have worked within the public sector as well as banking and finance which has led us to develop an ability to balance the polarity of security and ease of use.

In the digital workplace, we have, among other things, experience and knowledge within

  • Design and architecture of client platforms in medium and large businesses.
  • Project management and rollout of client platforms in medium and large businesses.
  • System Center Suite
  • Security Baselines
  • Remote Desktop, Virtual Desktop
  • Intune, Autopilot, Office 365
  • Modern Authentication, Multifactor Authentication (MFA, smart card, key rings etc)

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