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This is our passion, and we see infrastructure as a dynamic field where organizations with the right knowledge about which technologies and methods are available, can improve their efficiency, free up time and get the tools needed to focus on their core business or function.

 It is this ability to balance proven experience with fresh ideas in superior solutions that often gets mentioned as the reason behind the choice to hire experts from Relevo.

 Our consultants are not preaching. We do however know what should be taken into account, and what choices should be made – and we are happy to share this in a way that makes the information readily available to clients. But we also stand by our clients through the whole process of introducing new infrastructure solutions and the realization of long term changes.

 Creating real client benefits is what drives our experts! 


Having regularly been the strategic driving force in the development of our clients IT environments we have experience of environments within data centers. Something that we define from the physical layer to basic infrastructure services.

In this area we have, among other things, deep knowledge and long experience within

  • Design, architecture, migration, consolidation and integration of directory services such as Active Directory and AD Azure.
  • Move and restructure of data centers. For clouds, service providers or new proprietary data centers.
  • We support both technically and in leading positions in the relocation or repossession of outsourcing agreement.
  • Design and architecture for virtualization environments such as VMVare and Hyper-V.
  • Design and architecture of PKI.
  • Advisory and architecture for MFA solutions, Modern authentication and SSO.
  • Design, architecture, consulting and implementation of Hybrid Cloud solutions.
  • Design, architecture, consulting and implementation of Cloud Services.
  • Backup and archiving solutions


We have a great deal of experience with most databases and large-scale of applications solutions for Microsoft environments. Our experts are happy to help you make the right choices for maximum security and performance, based on the needs of your organization.

 In this area we have, among other things, deep knowledge and long experience within

  • Database consolidations
  • Architect roles and leading roles in large application migrations.


  • Our Microsoft Certified Trainer approved experts also offers training-courses and keep you up to date on Microsoft's System Center products.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more!